04 March 2007

Knitting "to do" List

Well, I'm 95% done with the Irish Cable Bag. This is the project Marie, Brooke, and I decided to do back in November.
(Mine is the one on the right --- Thanks for taking the picture and posting on your blog, Marie. Saved me from hooking up my camera!)
I'm looking forward to finishing my second grey/teal sock this week --- so I can start something else.
I'm not sure what my next project will be --- but I feel like my knitting project wish list is SO long. I have a few skeins of sock yarn...I will try to blow through that before starting the next big project. It's nice to knit small projects...I like the feeling of accomplishment.
Favorite Podcasts this week...I stole this idea from Shannon and thought it was fun!
1 - Lost Podcast with Jay & Jack - If you are obsessed with the TV show Lost...this is a must listen. Great theories and spoilers keep me coming back each week!
2 - The Show with Zefrank - Funny vid-cast from a hilarious New Yorker who travels a lot.
3 - My History Can Beat Up Your P0litics - Quick lectures on US History and how they apply to situations today.
4 - Darkness Radio - What to hear about vampires, ghosts, and creepy hauntings? It's paranormal radio at it's best!

5 - Homeland Security With Doug Hagmann - It's a dirty little secret that I have a slight obsession with terrorism and the end of the world.
On a total unrelated note: Does anyone else watch The Dresden Files on SciFi? It's pretty bad. I keep watching it each week...hoping it's going to get better.
It takes place in Chicago --- but bizarro Chicago. Nothing looks like Chicago (obviously on a sound stage somewhere in L.A.) --- and none of the streets they mention are real streets. It's so annoying...but I can't stop watching. I hate DVR --- no, I take that back...I love it!


AR said...

Darkness radio sounds pretty good. I'll have to check it out. I love the spookiness!

Procrastiknitter said...

Wow, I didn't know about many other Podcasts other than those that deal with knitting. Thanks for the heads up. BTW, the cable bag looks great!

Marie said...

You mentioned Dresden Files to me a few weeks ago, and thanks a lot. It really sucked, but I never changed the channel. I got sucked into the marathon they had going the other night on the SciFi Channel and watched three episodes in a row before finally taking control of my life back and changing the channel.
By the way, you make fun that I was religiously watching a certain tv show--you know, the one about a girl and some vampires--I won't say what because I'm embarassed I watch it myself--but its better than DF.

UnwantedLittleSister said...

NO ONE our age watched Buffy - NO ONE! You're nutty, Merkin!

Marie said...

Next you'll say that no one YOUR age watches 'That's So Raven'. :)