01 March 2007

Hello, this is Mrs. Bailey

Hi, I'm Stephanie...and I'm addicted to listening to podcasts. **hi Stephanie**

I listen to subjects from knitting to paranormal to cooking to music. Shannon has turned me on to a couple of great shows like Rumor Girls and Chillin' with Anji Bee.

On my el ride home tonight I tuned into my favorite Jewish lesbian, Madge W. Her show is foul and filled with potty humor --- definitely not for children or those who are easily (or even those normally not so easily) offended.

Anyway...today's episode was especially funny to anyone who lives in Chicago. Madge got lost on her car ride back to the city from IKEA in Schaumburg and was so afraid she would end up in Joliet or "Naper-tucky." It made me laugh outloud like a crazy person on the train. At least I didn't smell like pee.

Why is it I'm completely obsessed with American Idol this year? Could it be because Paula Abdul is a total whack-job? Probably. I'm watching it right now...my favorite guy is Blake (No, not Erin's husband...that would be Robert Blake ****) and my favorite girl is Dorothy or Lakisha.

I've been watching way too much TV lately...I blame the damn DVR. At least I found out that I AM smarter than a 5th grader!


AR said...

Podcasts are so great. I listen to 'em while doing the h-word, you know, *whispering* housework.

Midnight2sticks said...

HA! you are so funny-and I am beginning to think we share a brain or something because yesterday I kept saying, "hello, this is Mrs. Bailey" to the cat over & over again until he bit my ankle!

Anonymous said...

hilarity! I am addicted to American Idol too - love the Jack Osbourne look alike guy