06 March 2007

No Title Today

A couple weeks back, I traded my Denise needles for a set of Knit Pick's Options with a gal from my local Stitch 'n Bitch. (I gave the Knit Pick's to my sister).

I hadn't been to the SnB since September I think. Well, last night I decided to hop on over and see what everyone is up to. It's a very diverse group of people. Although I prefer "Knit Night" at my house with my girlfriends...it's cool to have some other people to chat knitting with.

Speaking of chatting about knitting...on my El ride to work this morning (for those not familiar, the "El" is what we call our elevated train/subway system in Chicago) I was working on the second teal/grey sock. A kind of scary looking lady sat next to me half way through my ride and started talking about her crochet projects! Totally not expecting that.

Here's a picture of my El stop --- at the Merchandise Mart. What a cold and dreary day outside today!

Can I express one more time, how much I HATE how Blogger goofs up my paragraph spacing when I upload pictures! It seems the HTML way of adding pictures is better...but I don't like the extra step.


Lisa L said...

Hi Stephanie! Great picture! I've got to get out and get some more "place" pictures - when it gets a little warmer! Thanks for the offer of the Louet skeinwinder. I'll let you know after I actually HAVE my wheel! I'm getting a Louet S75 - the more classic looking version with the turned spindles. I might even have it this month sometime!
Oh - and the EBay seller that I got the beautiful roving from is Missbabs Fibers.
Must get back to my hubby's hat!

Procrastiknitter said...

Very cool pic. Thanks for sharing it. I wish I had even one group of ladies to sit and talk about knitting with. I could go to another town on a Wednesday night, but it's a late meeting for us and is 30 minutes away. Other meet-ups are almost an hour for me each way, so I just get my fix on the Blogs.

So did you find out any interesting crochet news from the lady on the El? LOL

Ilix said...

You joined the secret pal 10! That is great! I have a suggetion on the dye front..... litchen gives a lovely light green.

I have some bare to dye too! I plan on using wilton though! Can't wait to see yours!

Deborah said...

what do you think of the knitpicks? I have the denise.