08 February 2007

Can this week be over?!

Ok...I need to complain for a moment. This has been "one of those weeks." I really wish it were over.

I'm starting to think someone put a voodoo curse on me or something!

  • Spinning Lesson --- Had a great Lesson at Wool, Warp, and Wheel in Richmond, Illinois. Had to use one of their wheels because mine had a big crack in it. How did that happen? I really don't know. They glued and clamped it for me...and it should be okay...but still!
  • Freezing Cold --- It's been so cold this week. When Cleo and I headed home from the lakehome early Monday morning, it was -12 with a windchill of -30. Even though she had on her reflective doggie coat, she was so cold she couldn't move. Of course, I picked up my 60 lb pooch and carried her to the car.
  • Work Stuff --- I've been working really hard on a big project. Pricing came in this week and may put a hault on the whole thing. It costs 6 times more to produce this particular product in the US than it does in China --- and that includes shipping costs! It's back to the drawing board...
  • Office Stuff --- Pipes froze and broke in our building. Working from home for me this week. Maybe this is a good thing...because I haven't had to jump into the shower first thing in the morning!
  • Computer Stuff --- Had to take my laptop in for service yesterday. It kept turning itself off --- which doesn't make for a productive day. It's still under warranty from the manufacturer. So, I'll be chained to my desktop computer at home until I get the old laptop back.
  • Dog Stuff --- Woke up this morning to find my dog's face super puffy with eye slits...like she was in a boxing match. Saw this before when she was stung by a bee...but there are no bees around this time of year. Had to take her to the vet this morning. They didn't know what happened...gave her a couple injections and 2 hours later, it's less puffy.
  • Oh Yeah ---- And The Bears lost the Super Bowl. Just kidding about that one. I'm not much of a football fan.

A couple of positive things...

  • I FINISHED THE PURPLE CARDIGAN!!!!! I'm going to block it at my parent's house this weekend --- mom has the nicest drying rack integrated into her dryer. I will post pictures after it's blocked. It's a warm one...perfect for this cold, cold weather in Chicago.
  • I'm a spinner now! I have plied a few skiens of yarn....pictures will be posted soon.
  • This week the radiators in my house were bleed --- it's much warmer around here now!

I'm a pretty positive person and normally not much of a complainer. It felt better to get all this off my chest.


limedragon :-: Harriet said...

What a week! (And yeah, the cold, yucky brr!!!) Can't wait to see the finished cardi. :)

Marie said...

You forgot one positive thing... Lost started up again!! Hope your week ends better than it started! Its Friday (almost!)

ruth said...

Sounds like an awful week, at least you've had a knitting finish.

AR said...

Yep, sounds like you need a break!

Can't wait to see the cardigan.

Deborah said...

If I lived in anywhere near those lakes, I would never go outside during winter....

dana said...

Wow ~~ What a week! Isn't it odd how one thing just sets you off, and then the list can grow!

Can't wait to see the cardigan, glad you finished it. I took a spinning class this last week, also. I had so much fun, but I'm not really ready to ply, yet.

Procrastiknitter said...

Wow, sounds like a rough week! ((HUGS)). I know the feeling. Really and truly I'm not a complainer either, but it's just a crappy time of year I think.

Hooray for the purple cardigan! I can't wait to see it!