29 January 2007

not much going on

Wow --- I can't believe how fast last week flew by.

Not much time spent knitting --- I still have that damn purple cardigan sleeve to finish. I wish I would hurry-up and finish it already. There are so many other things I want to knit --- but I'm forcing myself to finish this first!

I organized my "home office" this weekend --- and came across a baby cardigan that is about 95% completed. The baby that this was intended for is much too big for this cute number. Good thing I know so many ladies who are preggers.

Congratulations to my pal, Erin --- this past Friday she became a mama! Baby Jack is so lucky!!

Ok, I started this post at 9:36 am --- and it's 3:43pm. Time to hit the publish button.


Linda said...

Your purple cardigan is looking great!...knit on :-)

dana said...

That's why I wear socks that don't match. I finish one, and can't force myself to finish the other one!!!

Marie said...

Get that purple monster finished so you can start the bag!

Marie said...

Well... Lets see your sweater already!