22 January 2007

Busy Weekend!

Well, it was a busy weekend.

Kevin and I went up to the lake home on Friday night. I'm happy to report that no critters moved in since our last visit! Cleo ran around like a maniac and had fun slippin' around on the ice.

Saturday we hit a couple outlet stores in Wisconsin --- good to know they opened a Restoration Hardware Outlet near the Calvin Klein and Addias shops! I finally got a pair of winter boots --- yeah it's nearly the end of January, but we haven't had much winter weather yet. I'm sure it will be no suprise to those that know me, but I also bought a new pair of black Converse low tops.

On our way back to the lake we stopped at the famous Brat Stop. On all my trips to Wisconsin, I can't believe I've never Brat Stopped before. The brat platter was all I could have asked for...yummy Wisconsin sausage love! If you ever find yourself "behind the cheddar curtain" you must stop and check out this place...the people watching is amazing!

Sunday was a big day for Chicago football fans...ya, The Bears are going to the Superbowl --- without a shuffle this time.

We had the game on but it was a busy day starting to rehab the lake house. Kevin and his brother demo-ed the bathroom. Kevin's sister-in-law and I worked on removing wallpaper from this small stairwell --- which is NOT fun at all. Cleo was busy playing with her cousin, Baxter, and trying to dig in the garbage --- the usual.

The evening ended with yummy food at a local Polish restaurant --- pickle soup = delicious! And then some more cocktails back at the house (which is why I was a little "crusty" today.) We all spent the night --- I woke up at 5am to drive back to the city. It's only an hour drive, but I wanted to beat rush hour. I still can't believe that people actually do that commute on a daily basis. That would be my personal hell.

I also worked a bit on the second sleeve of my purple cardigan --- will this thing ever be done?! I'm so bored with this project and anxious to start something new. Knitting sweaters on small needles SUCKS. Even though it's a total pain, the end result is always nice. Once it's completed, I will forget what a pain in the ass it was to work on.


AR said...

Wow, that sounds like a busy weekend. Can't wait to see the cardigan all done. Purple is a good color.

Procrastiknitter said...

Well well well weren't you productive this weekend! Good for you! *wink*

I agree I LOVE the color of purple! Can't wait to see it done.

limedragon :-: Harriet said...

It looks like you're pretty close to finishing up the sweater, right? Love the color, very pretty. (Busy weekend , whew!)

Kristen said...

Whoo, that's a nice color of purple for that sweater. It looks a lot like the purple I've got. I might have enough for a pair of mittens, if I fair-isle it, but that's not my favorite thing.

The words pickle and soup sound like they should exist far away from one another, but the more I think about it, the more I want to try some. Not a whole lot of Polish restaurants up here in eastern Ontario, I find.