22 January 2007

This Week's Poll

So, how do you say the word coupon?
Either way, it's a weird word. Check out my poll in the column on the right.

When I was little I remember saying "Q-pon" but now, they're "koo-pons"

What is a "pon" anyways? Does it have something to do with paper or fiber. Could there be a connection between coupon and tampon?

My head's a little cloudy today...can you tell?

Last week's Poll Results:
What are your favorite needles to knit with?
Metal 38% (3 votes)
Wood - Bamboo 50% (4 votes)
Wood - Rosewood
Wood - Birch
Other 12% (1 vote)


Midnight2sticks said...

Dude, you're blowing my mind. I can't stop saying coupon. Coupon. Sounds weirder every time. I think I say Q-pon. Crampon. Tampon. ARHGHGHGH!

TK said...

I say both, but usually Q-pon comes out. Once, I had a friend convince me that "exit" was pronounced eggs-it, but I always said ex-it so I changed the way I said it. I've gone back since learning both are acceptable.

Cheryl said...

I've always said Q-pon. My cousin-in-law was wearing a shirt yesterday with the word K-Pax on it. He tried to tell us it was a new feminine hygene item. But we weren't fooled, we'd seen the movie.