01 November 2006

Sock Blues

So, I finish one a pair of socks and dive into another --- because that's what you're supposed to do, right?

I have been thinking about creating my own pattern since I started those purple socks. Instead of ribbing at the top, I have incorporated a few cables --- we'll see how it turns out.

This is a great mindless project and I think it will turn out nice.

So far, I like working with the Trekking --- it move really fast on my metal dpns.


Carson said...

I think it's already turning out nice.
Lovely yarn too.

Rose Red said...

I can't believe you did a lace pattern for your first socks - wow!! And these look great too - I have some Trekking which I can't wait to use!

Jan said...

Your socks are really pretty. I think I'm going to have to look for some lace or cable patterns to do. So much prettier than just plain socks! And actually, I like your hair!

Deborah said...

Nice socks!

Did you find any swaps yet??

Lisa L said...

Nice socks! I "design" my own socks all of the time by changing the cuff pattern like you've done. It's an easy way to try out a new stitch pattern!

Nice Head, huh??? The Head of the Fish is a rowing competition held on Fish Creek in Saratoga. You can see pictures in the earlier post! My husband is a competitve rower and won his race on Saturday, hence the Fish Head! He also got a very nice medal as well. Those Fish Heads are well known in competitive rowing circles and are highly prized. Hmmm. Mark is planning a whole wall of them over the years . . . :-)