02 November 2006

New Picture --- no more doll hair

So, I've changed the picture that hangs above "About Me." Why you ask? Well, according to my sources (mom & Marie) my hair in the photo looked "like doll hair."

A special thanks to my Secret Pal who helped me with sizing the new picture --- you're the best!
Not sure if this new picture makes me look thinner or chubbier --- but I've actually lost 5 lbs! Hooray for me :) Part of it may be because of the cleanse I'm doing right now.

Anyway, hope the new photo gets Mom's Seal of Approval --- and hey, let me know if my hair looks like crap! :)

Oh --- if you're interested, the old photo...


Kathy said...

you look REAL skinny - I cna't belive you are doing the cleanse!

Tryin_ta_knit said...

what cleanse are you doing?
for me, i have lost interest in sweets .. not sure why .. i walk more .. use the treadmill if i can't walk outside, i do make some conscience effort to avoid bad foods .. like the haircut ..
Cathy -

Deborah said...

Well duh, of course you had doll hair, you're cute as a doll!

Marie Palmisaki said...

OK... you moved the picture and your hair looks normal now. I guess we won't call you Dolly (#2) anymore.

Rose Red said...

I like both pictures - and I LOVE your glasses!