02 November 2006

Because Old Dogs Get Cold

You may think it's funny...but my dog, Cleo, gets cold.

Today with temperatures right around freeezing, she was happy to jump into this completely ridiculous sweatshirt. I think she would have liked it even better if I covered her up with a blanket!

It's so cold and I can't believe there is a chance my kickball team will be playing tonight --- yes, it's outdoors!

Time to get out the leg-warmers and wool socks!


Carson said...

It's not funny at all!
Scout is only almost 3 and she gets cold...in Australia...in spring!
So, hello..Chicago! (the coldest I've ever experienced)
She has a polar fleece jacket but for next winter I'm planning on knitting her something more stylish ;)
i like the 'old' photo..."doll hair"??

AJ said...

Poor puppy! My dog gets pretty cold at night too, but she kicks her blanket off of her when she sleeps. Just like mom! :) Maybe you could knit her a doggie sweater to keep her warm with the Illinois cold temps!

Marie Palmisaki said...

I got a message from Cleo today. She wanted me to tell you to buy her a heated doggie bed for Christmas. And a new ball. And a new squeeky baby. And some treats.

randi K design said...

Cute little puppie! He really do look cold!
Thank you for commenting on my blog!
I see you are from Oak Park. We are going to Des Plaines for Thanks Giving, - any neat knitting stores up there?

Ulrika said...

Awww, what a cutie!

Kathy said...

why don't you knit Cleo something?