06 November 2006

Secret Knitting --- It's so hard!

Ok, it's true, I can't keep a secret --- especially when it comes to presents!

I've been working hard on some knitted gifts --- and I can't wait to give them away this weekend.

Of course, I cannot post any pictures of my latest finished objects --- some friends visit my blog (and can't believe "strangers" reply in the comments). I promise to share photos after Saturday afternoon.

Can you tell I'm excited to give these gifts away? I mean, come on, I didn't have to post a blog about it until Saturday. I'm just excited!!

Okay...Okay! I'll give you a hint...it's for a baby!


Marie Palmisaki said...

Hahahaha! And for years I've been branded the one who couldn't keep a secret... it was YOU all the long!

UnwantedLittleSister said...

Let's all just face the music here - NEITHER one of you can keep a secret. It's just true...