01 November 2006

Purple Nurple

Well, it didn't hurt as much as a Purple Nurple --- but this pattern was a total pain in the ass. I'm so happy I've finally finished the second sock!

Seriously, what was I thinking choosing such a complicated pattern for my first sock?!

Sure, there are a few mistakes in the lace pattern, but hey, they're going to be on my feet, right?

I love the color and yarn...I'm thinking of starting a blanket with left over sock yarn.

No, I didn't finish my Master's project by my (self imposed) deadline of Oct 31. It's going to have to wait until January --- I have a few gift projects I need to get out of the way first.


Marie Palmisaki said...

They look fantastic! Great job on your first ever pair of socks!

Marie Palmisaki said...

I love that you put a link to what a purple nurple is... haha