17 October 2006

Update on Masters Project

Well, after being distracted with a couple pairs of socks and some washclothes, I'm back working on my Level I swatches --- completed are 6 of the 15. I am about 80% done with the report on the Blocking and Care of Knits.

I am still working toward my personal goal of completing it by the end of the month. Besides the remaining swatches, I have 17 questions to answer and a simple hat.

My goal is to complete this before starting any additional projects. I'm having a garage sale this weekend --- so I'll probably start another sock or washcloth or another small and quick project.


Carson said...

Level 1 swatches?

Deborah said...

i LOVE garage sales, too bad chicago is a bit too far from jersey!

kathy said...

I want to go to your masters graduation!