18 October 2006

My LOST Knit Night

It was another cold and rainy day here in Chicago. I hate this inbetween rainy weather. Thank God for wool socks --- thanks Mom!

Of course, I'm so excited to see this season's third episode of LOST. This week will focus on Locke --- will we learn why he was in the wheelchair? I think so! It's been making me crazy --- what's going on with Locke and Mr. Eko?

I will also be working on my Master's project --- my goal is to complete swatch 7, 8, and 9 --- they're all about decreasing. Borrrring --- snooze!

All the while, I will be sipping on my new favorite soda --- Diet Rite White Grape! It's Super-Delish!

I listen to many podcasts --- a few focused on knitting. I was happy to see, after a long break, Lime & Violet and Pixie Purls are back with a new episode. I'm patiently waiting for Brenda Dayne to return from break.


Jan said...

My middle son loves that stuff! When I ask him what he wants me to bring him when I visit at college it is Diet Rite white grape. I bought the last 12 pack at the store the other day. Must be popular.

Pixiepurls said...

Thanks for listening!