23 October 2006

Ballbands & Buffalo

Well, my garage sale this weekend had a low turn out. It would have been better if I had the idea in August or September. This October has been rainy and cold.

I worked on a ballband washcloth with some leftover Shine from KnitPicks. It's really soft and feel nice on your skin. I really like the bright and cheerful colors.

I did get a chance to visit a new yarn/spinning shop --- Wool, Warp, and Wheel in downtown Richmond, IL --- which is a cute little town in the country with lots of antique stores.

Why visit this little shop? They're the only retailer in Illinois that sells Buffalo Gold yarn and roving --by the way, don't you think they could have come up with a better name for their brand? Is it just me...Buffalo "Gold" sound like something buffalo leave behind in the pasture?

This stuff is EXPENSIVE! It's $60 for a skein of laceweight (250 yds/50gms). Apparently, it does not felt and gets softer with each washing. It's not in my budget --- but the store has a holiday registry. I filled out a form and listed a couple items I'd like to receive for Christmas/my birthday. The store sends a card to anyone I want letting them know what I would like to receive! It sounds a little goofy --- but how nice to receive something you REALLY want from a non-knitter. (Mom, you might receive one of these cards)

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Deborah said...

girlfriend, love the new pic and the glasses are the bomb!