12 October 2006

My Loyal Pal, Cleo

Even though I haven't mentioned her yet, I am crazy about my pooch, Cleo.

I rescued her from the pound in August of 1999. I was told she was just under a year old --- so that makes her about 8 years old now.

It depresses me to think of her being old. My husband reminds me that she is the right size dog to live for another 8 years.

To me, Cleo is the best. Other people wouldn't think so --- she has lots of bad habits, but I choose to ignore them.

She follows me from room to room and lays next to me while I knit --- and although she's doesn't shed a lot, I know there's a little piece of her in each item I make. (don't you just want a hand knit item from me now!)


UnwantedLittleSister said...

Cleo! What a silly puppers. Did she get so excited when she saw you posted about her that she peed on the floor? Haha. Harry says hi to Cleo!!

Carson said...

thanks for your comment.
it's good to hear from a fellow beret-pattern-seeker.
will let you know when i find the perfect one.
scout is actually almost 3 years old now, most people think she's still a puppy (it's her natural exuberance).
she sends sniffs to cleo.
And..while I'm here, I visited Chicago last year and I loved it.

Whimsical Knitting said...

Arent' our pups just the BEST?! Cleo looks so sweet. LOL, my pup, Sally, does the same thing, she's always with me. She, too, has short hair, but I know a bit of her is in every knit! Which, of course, makes it that much more special!

Artis-Anne said...

I totally agree , I love dogs and our two are naughty monkeys at times but I love them to bits and they make me laugh. Its funny , we have two minature schnauzers and one is definitley a Mummys girl and one is a Daddys girl. All four of us lounge on the couch ,, really cosy !!