11 October 2006

It's Wednesday --- I'll be LOST tonight

So, last week was the premiere of season three. I thought it was a great show --- so interesting to learn more about The Others.

A couple of things that I have been thinking about this week ---

  • Why did we only see bandages on Jack and Kate? Did they inject or extract from Sawyer too?
  • What happened to Kate after breakfast with "Benry"? How much time passed between breakfast and being caged by Sawyer? She seemed awfully hungry. One of The Others commented to Sawyer that it only took the bears 2 hours to figure out the sequence --- so he must have been at it longer.
  • Who is the boy in the other cage (aka Chachi)? Could Chachi be the person that landed in the hot air balloon? The body buried below is his travel companion.
  • Why did Sawyer so easily trust Chachi when he was set free from the cage?
  • I don't think Juliet doesn't actually have a stack of information about Jack's history. She, obviously, cannot be trusted. When Jack was passed out, could they have injected a true serum and asked him basic questions --- what do you do for a living? are you married? where do you live? why were you travelling? etc. All that paper could have been unrelated to Jack --- but because his head isn't clear, he didn't question it.

I know I'm a huge nerd when it comes to this show --- I don't care.

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AJ said...

Now don't go around thinking that *I* will be that big boobied women designer. If I could understand math, I probably could be. I'm not sure how some people do it! :) I'll just advocate for now!

And you know, I was into Lost the first season, but I fell off the bandwagon. I've been wondering what I've missed...everyone still on the island?