09 October 2006

Knit Club - Round Two

Tonight was the official second meeting of Knit Club. And it was another success!

Erin & Kathy are working on baby hats --- it's their first venture to knitting in the round on dpns and they're doing fantastic!

Marie is using up some Noro for a pretty scarf and Brooke is still working on her Lace Leaf sweater. I think Brooke is about to finish her very first project! We're all so proud of her.

I frogged my sock from Knitting on the Road (it was too small) and bumped the needle size to 4. I'm about 5" into it and can tell it's going to be perfect.

As requested, here's a link to the Mexican Lasagna recipe from tonight's menu. I know it kind of sounds disgusting --- but it's like an enchiladas casserole --- delish! I substituted the chicken for a soy-substitute with the texture of ground beef (Erin, I will dig up the name for you).


Cheryl said...

Thanks for the recipe! I have some vegetarian "chick'n" strips that I hadn't decided what to do with. This sounds great! I love the Mexican Lasagne from the Pace cookbook, so I don't think this one sounds strange at all!

Cheryl said...

I finally made the Mexican Lasagna (using wheat-meat chicken). We liked it a lot - DH loved the crispy corn tortilla pieces. Thanks for the link to the recipe!