07 October 2006

My First Sock

News alert...I have completed my very first sock!!!

It fits so well...I cannot wait to have one for both feet.

This lacey pattern is probably the most difficult pattern I have ever attempted. It's not that it is difficult but reading the charts requires you to know exactly where you're at.

I have casted on the second sock and have about 2" completed.

While I work this second sock, I also casted on a new pair with yarn from my Socks that Rock stash. The new pattern is Whitby from Knitting on the Road --- it has a couple cables and is very easy to memorize. I started sock one last night and turned the heel --- it knits fast!

Got my digital camera back --- tried to snap a picture of progress on my new sock --- but the battery died! I'll post pictures when I find some batteries :)


Cheryl said...

The sock is beautiful! What a great color. Congratulations on your very first sock!

AJ said...

No problem. She does special orders too! I just did a special order for a secret pal swap (not SP9) and she had them done within a few hours! Talk about a great turn around! :) I saw that you are from Oak Park, Illinois...I was born in Chicago, but my family live in Batavia, Elgin and Aurora! Talk about a small world! :)

Pointywillowsticks said...

Great sock! Just started my first sock hope it goes as well.

Jan said...

Nice sock! Love the color. Makes me want to get back to socks.

Nora (Black Dog Knits) said...

WOW! Well done! My 1st sock was plain ol' stockinette and I even managed to muck THAT up!

Carson said...

that's your first sock?
with that complicated stitch?
wow. impressive