26 March 2007

Smokin' Watermelon --- Haven't you ever seen one?

I brought Smoking Watermelon out this weekend to the rehearsal dinner and wedding. I think he had a really great time --- especially since everyone wanted to meet a smoking watermelon.

I love Mongers --- they're blind-boxed, so it's a suprise to see which character you get. I have to keep buying them until I get the cigarette smoking a cigarette --- so funny!

Here's a picture of all my little buddies at the office. From left to right: 2 ice cream cones, pepper, glow-in-the-dark banana, hot dog, and watermelon.
The only guy missing is Smoking Salt...he fell out of my pocket one day...Smoking Pepper really misses him.

Note: they are NOT promoting smoking. The tagline on the package says, "Smoking is Bad." It's bad...but so funny when its a hot dog.


Procrastiknitter said...

I am so loving those and I need a watermelon! Too cool!

Kathy said...

I LOVE those!

The_Add_Knitter said...

Mongers rule!! Nothing like a toy that smokes!!

Midnight2sticks said...

Those are awesome! I never heard of those-we got in trouble as little kids because we built a snowman & stuck a cigarette in its mouth

Sibylle said...

Oh I should send you "KinderĂ¼berraschung" some day, theres is nothing smoking in it but mostly little toys or gadges which are also collected on the screens over here.

Marie said...

Those are so funny!! I still laugh when I think of your face when you pulled it out of your purse and I asked, "what's that?" and your reply...(in a Napoleon Dynamite kind of voice...) "what? haven't you ever seen a smoking watermelon? Gawd!" Hahaha

Anonymous said...

Those are funny! Not as funny as my favorite daughter tho. You know, my 2nd born.