10 January 2007

Another Purple Sweater Update

Ok...I am determined to finish this cardigan. I think part of my problem was the needles (or at least they're taking the blame right now).

I knit about 60% of this project on size 6 needles from my Denise Interchangable set. I have discovered that nothing is worse than knitting wool on plastic needles. I hate it!

Recently, I became the proud owner of a set of Knit Picks Options needles. They are fanstastic! If you are a fan of Addi Turbo needles, this are a must have for you.

There are only a couple things I don't like:
- There is no indication of the needle size imprinted on the needles --- it's necessary to have a needle gauge handy.
- If I don't tightly screw on the needles, they become loose during knitting.

I can deal with this because these needles are FAST! I zipped through the second half of the front left panel and am on to my first sleeve.

No promises as to when this project will be completed.

Marie and Brooke have started the Irish Cables Bag without me...I have to finish this damn sweater first!!

Knit Night Recap

A few of my girlfriend's came by for our monthly knit night. I think our non-knitting friends don't believe that we actually knit...but, of course we do!

Erin & Kathy are both knitting the same baby poncho pattern --- Brooke played the role of Teacher's Aid and helped interprete the pattern for my star students!

Laura frogged the scarf she crocheted last time...and Marie was home sick.

Special guests this week were my friend's daughters (14 & 8) who I recently taught to knit. They were so cute and excited to hang out with us.


Rose Red said...

Knitting with friends is great - and good for you for teaching some kids! I'm just waiting for some keen ones to come along!
And I have to get me some of those knitpicks options! I am v. jealous!

AR said...

I love teaching kids to knit. They are so creative!

Here's what I do to keep my knitpicks tight: I use that little key thing, but I hold the needle tip with a big rubber band to tighten it. That way my fingers don't just slip on the needle, and the needle doesn't move.

Lisa L said...

I'm going to have to invest in those Knitpick needles - they just sound sooo good!

UnwantedLittleSister said...

I am telling you - my Boye interchangeables are BETTER than the knit picks ones! They come with a gripper thing to tighten them so they don't come unscrewed while knitting, AND each size is a different color so it's easier to tell! I LOVE them :)

Midnight2sticks said...

I am so jealous of you-I want those needles now-and wish I could have a knit night!

Oh the best part about the street names for drug? IT WAS TAUGHT TO US BY A POLISH NUN! Just imagine trying not to laugh during that one!

Midnight2sticks said...

OK-that is THE LAST TIME I read a comment from you, while drinking a Diet Coke because that was so effing hilarious-you sent me into a coughing -nearly Diet Coke coming out of my nose-fit! I say your nun stories should be a regular feature! That is AWESOME. How embarrassed must your friend have been? You know, Sister Katherine might have been a genius because who the HELL would want to have sex with that burned into their memory?
You are too funny-thanks for that-I really needed that laugh!

(who by the way is totally obsessed with nuns-why? why did I see one paying for a vanilla coffee at Dunkin' Donuts with a Gold Card the other day!?)

lottieclottie said...

Next time I promise to actually knit. I want to be a convert from the "hookers" world.