20 December 2006

It's been a while!

Wow -- it's been a while since my last post --- and boy have things been busy with work and getting ready for Christmas. Here are some updates and new things in my world...

Purple Sweater: Last Wednesday, I accidently left it in my friend's car. I got it back today and plan to get cracking on it later this week. Since I have been without this project, I worked to reduce "the stash." So far, 2 skeins down --- a cute pink hat. I'll try to post pictures tomorrow.

Olivia's Birthday Present: Last week was my pal, Olivia's birthday. A couple months back, she commented on my Fetching fingerless gloves and hinted how she'd love a pair.

This pair of Fetching and scarf are made with soft & yummy alpaca --- my wintertime favorite!

Tea for Two --- or Twenty! Yesterday, I was so suprised to receive an amazing box of goodies from one of my clients. She is a true tea-lover and shared some of her favorites in this generous "thank you" gift.

It is all so wonderful --- My favorite is the mug that not only has a strainer but it's own lid for steeping! I've been enjoying trying all the new flavors and nibbling on the treats!

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Jodi said...

Holy tea leaves, Batman! That is one awesome tea package. I spy a few of my favorites in there.