29 November 2006

Package from My Secret Pal

Seriously, I know everyone thinks their Secret Pal is the best --- but my buddy really is the greatest!

What's here?! First of all some beautiful rosewood dpns and the perfect colorway of sock yarn to match the purple cardigan I'm working on.

A chocolate/hazelnut candy bar, some gummi bears (they are made in the German town where my pal lives) and my favorite lollipop...Chupa-Chup!

As if that wasn't enough, I received some special olive oil bath beads and a citrus body wash!

Besides the wonderful gifts she mailed, my secret pal has become a friend. We not only exchange emails, but we "chat" via Instant Messenger.

Thanks again for the great stuff!!


Deborah said...

girlfriend, i'm keeping score - you are making out like a bandit!

Windansea said...

Next year i'm going to have to get a secret pal if that's what the haul looks like! BTW - I didn't know Ricky Gervais had a podcast - I'm excited! Lydia