29 November 2006

New Podcast & Red Scarves

I just discovered a new knitting podcast called Unwound. I like the format --- people are encouraged to participate in the show by leaving voicemail messages or email audio messages to be included in future shows. Pretty cool.

One of the topics of the second show is the Orphan Foundation of America's Red Scarf Project.

This is the second year the Orphan Foundation of America will assemble and ship special care packages to foster youth at colleges, universities and trade schools across the nation. Last year 7,500 packages were sent to foster youth in all 50 states. This is one program that helps recognize the promise and potential of young people who age out of foster care while providing support and encouragement during the academic year.

I will be donating the red scarf I completed earlier this week --- plus I have a few more skeins of red in my stash. The organization is also accepting things besides handknits...things like gift cards, stamps, etc.

I know how excited I get when I receive a package in the mail --- and it's usually something I've ordered for myself. I hope one of my scarves may brighten someone elses day.

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Kelli said...

Stephanie: Thanks for the mention and I'm thrilled to hear that you already have your red scarf made and ready to ship. Congrats! I'm also very happy to hear you like the "audience participation" concept of the show. I've got GREAT feedback from listeners to add to the next episode which will be ready for download over the weekend. By the way - I love, love, love your glasses. Way cool shape that look very good on you (and I'm in the market for new glasses!)