16 November 2006

Knitting & Friends with Webbed Toes

It's been a busy week --- I can't believe it's Thursday night already!

This past Monday, I had my girlfriends over for Knit Club. I'm so proud of Kathy & Erin...they're starting on a new project --- a baby poncho!

My pal Kathy was a little sad when her baby was born without webbed toes. Yes, this may sound a little unusual, but Kathy has webbed toes and she thinks the rest of us are weird. So, I had to make this pair of booties for Kathy's daughter...hilarious! I can't wait to see a picture of Kaitlyn wearing them!


Deborah said...

you guys sound like a fun bunch! Nothing like knitters with a sense of humor with a streak of the absurd!

My 12 year old son who has never asked me to make anything for him, hit me up with a seriously bizzaar request. He wanted the pink hat/hood thingy that dumb donald wore in Fat Albert. Go figure...

Carson said...

They are hilarious!
Good on you for making her dream come true

Kathy said...

I have never been happier - I am sending a picture of her in them today!