24 September 2006

Autumn Leaves Lace Socks

So, in the last month, I started buying and stashing sock yarn. You might be thinking, "Ya. So what?!" Well...I have never knit a sock before! Ha-ha!

So, I purchased Autumn Leaves Lace Socks pattern from Knit Picks and casted-on the first sock a few days ago.

At this point I'm about 2.5" into it. It's a challenging pattern --- I definitely have to pay attention to where I'm at.

I'm considering starting another sock pattern at the same time --- something in a simple pattern that I can easily memorize. This way, I could have a knit project in my purse at all times.

1 comment:

Cheryl said...

Gee - you sure aren't starting off your first sock adventure with an easy pattern, are you? It looks like a gorgeous pattern, though. And sorry to hear about your poor sweater that you've knit twice. Sounds like you need a good scream!