15 May 2007

What I'm Knitting...when I actually knit

My lady-friends were over last night for Knit Night. I felt like I had the energy drained out of me --- could have been from my shitty day at work or the warm temperatures last night. Either way, I wasn't filled with the usual amount of energy --- even after Kathy brought me the World's Largest Big Gulp of Coke from 7-11!

I have two projects going on right now. One is a super-cute baby vest for Erin's babe, Jack. I didn't want Erin to see it until it was completed...but I couldn't help myself last night and showed her the progress. I was really hoping to be able to give her a finished project last night...but it's hard to finish a project when you keep leaving the pattern in different places!

I'm also working on this purple Leaf Lace Shawl - pattern by Fiber Trends. The yarn is stuff that I've been spinning --- an alpaca blend. The color is much prettier that this picture...not so grey and drab looking.

This is my first shawl project, and it's a lot easier than I thought it would be. I can see how these can be addicting.

(hmmm, do you think I need a new digital camera? these pictures are awful!)


buttercup said...

All that yarn I bought at MD S&W is mostly for shawls. I hardly even wear shawls, but I love to knit them. Where is the pattern from? It's so pretty!

Lisa L said...

Beautiful work - are you in a purple mode right now? Are you still spinning the yarn for the shawl? How do you know you'll have enough?

Stephanie said...

The pattern is from Fiber Trends (I updated the post with a link).

How do I know I'll have enough yarn?
I spun a sample of this yarn at the yarn shop, then plyed a piece about 6" long. They used this weird contraption that measured the amount of yarn and the length to determine how much roving I would need to purchase to make the small version of this shawl.

Next time I go to that shop, I will ask them the name of that tool!

buttercup said...

Thanks for the link! I'll keep a look out for it next time I'm at the LYS or any of the NS-LYSs.

It's really cool that you're spinning the yarn yourself. I can't wait to see it done. Bring it to Rhinebeck OK? ;)

Lisa L said...

Thanks! Definitely let me know the name of the contraption - I buy most of my roving in 4 oz packages. So once I find a thickness I like and can be consistent about, I'll figure out how much length I can get from that amount. But a little help can't hurt. I also have to have my Dad make me one of those little wooden "wraps per inch" tools.

msfortuknit said...

thats quite lovely! How the heck have you been?
By the way thank you tons for the post dolly!

The_Add_Knitter said...

Oh man i would KILL for a big gulp from 7-11 right about now!! The shawl is very pretty, I've never tried one, for some reason I've always been intimidated.

Midnight2sticks said...


AR said...

Your knitting looks great! I love your hand spun. Mmmm I'm jealous!

Yarn Thing said...

Dude, you've been tagged!