07 May 2007


Breaking news tonight, folks! LOST (my favorite tv show) will be ending...in three years.

Okay, so it's not breaking news...but seriously, how much longer could this show go on? At least it's not getting ripped off the air the way Twin Peaks was...and we all remember how that ended? That's right, David Lynch killed EVERYONE. No chance for that show to come back...unless it was a reunion in hell.

Good news! Shannon, aka Midnight 2 Sticks, and I figured out our audio issues on the SSK Podcast. If you were totally annoyed by our poor audio quality...give us another listen. You can even find us in iTunes!


buttercup said...

I haven't met anyone outside my family that still watches LOST. I love the show. Naturally, it's getting good again in the last few episodes.

Oh and one last word - Rhinebeck!

Cheryl said...

*gigglesnort* - that reminds me of the scene in "When Harry Met Sally", where she's upset because her previous boyfriend is getting married, and she says "And I'm gonna be 40!". Harry asks "When?" and she waves her hands around and says "Someday!". At least you know when it's going to end. Consider it a really, really long miniseries. (Would that be a maxiseries?)

kathy said...

I still love lost, but wonder how they can keep it going for 3 more years!

Marie said...

That was the scariest episode yet this week! When are they going to address the giant foot statue with 4 toes? THATS what I want to know.