19 April 2007

Finally! Bye-Bye Sanjaya!

I passed out last night before I could watch the results for this week's American Idol --- thank goodness for that DVR feature on my cable box!

Sanjaya has finally been voted off the show.

I kind of thought it was funny that he was getting the votes to move forward --- be it from his fans or Howard Stern's fans. But don't you get the feeling Sanjaya thinks he's a fantastic singer?

I think the other contestants were relived that Sanjaya is gone...he's been like a wild card on the show.

Who's going to win? I think Jordan Sparks...but my favorite is Blake.

Note: Thanks to that damn DVR, I've become addicted to this show for the first time!

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The_Add_Knitter said...

As a Chicagoan, shouldn't you have been pulling for Gina? How annoyed were you that Sanjaya was on while she got voted off/ I love her!