29 April 2007

Bags to Be Felted

Well, I finished knitting two bags and I can't wait to felt them!

This first one is the same bag my Knit Night pals are working on. I HATE making i-cords, so I just did a twisted yarn handle...I'm thinking they're too short. But that's just the way they'll be, because I think I'm out of yarn. I used Cascade and Noro on size 15 needles for this project

The second bag was made on size 11 needles with Mauch Chucky yarn in the limeade colorway with a beautiful varigated Manos del Uruguay. The bottom of the bag was fun --- working short rows to make the circular bottom.I'm probably going to wait to felt at Brooke's house...she has a top-loading washing machine, which I think is better for the felting process.

Brooke finished a project before Marie or me! She's already felted her bag...and I'm jealous.

The weather was so beautiful this weekend. On Saturday, I worked in the yard and completely ripped apart and cleaned up a couple of garden beds.

I have also decided that I don't like toe-up socks. I think I didn't start the gusset soon enough and have to do some frogging --- yuck.


Marie said...

I don't understand why you hate i-cords so much!
Both the bags look nice, but I REALLY love the colors you picked out and the way the bottom is layed out on the second bag!
Too excellent!

Rose Red said...

Both those bags look great - I'll be interested to see how they look felted (it is so cool!). I just did my first felted project - had to run it through my front loader twice to get it to felt properly, along with a bit of hand-felting, so I'm keen to try a bit more.

Yarn Thing said...

I love making bags too! I think that is what we should do for the KAL & CAL Podcast Rumble...what do you think?

Did I mention that to you yet? Maybe it was Shannon...I don't remember anymore. We will all have to talk.

I can't wait to see how your bags look felted!


Kristen said...

That short-row-bottom bag is wicked cool.

buttercup said...

Love the short rowed bottom on the second bag! Love the bag too. You've been on a knitting roll haven't you?

Kathy said...

You guys all suck that you finished the bags and Erin and I didn't!