22 March 2007

Funny...but kind of creepy

This is not how I usually describe my friends. But the comments from "Depressed Knitter" were starting to freak me out a little.

At first I thought it was my sister --- then I wasn't sure if I even knew this person...which really started to creepy me out.

Then my silly friend Steve called me to unveil the identity of Depressed Knitter...it was him. Steve is probably the only non-knitting guy I know that knows that "purl" is a word related to knitting. Why? Because it's a frequent answer on crossword puzzles. He's a funny guy.

I have been trying to finish a couple knitting projects --- I have 3 things I'm still working on:

  1. the damn Irish cable bag --- I just need to sew it up and attach the strap...not sure why I haven't done that yet!
  2. The teal/grey sock --- I'm sooo close to working the toe on the second sock. What's the hold up? Not sure...I'd like to check it off my list.
  3. Shawl --- I started a basic shawl with some beautiful yarn I received in a swap. Last night I frogged the entire thing to start again on bigger needles.

I can't even remember the last project I finished --- which is annoying to me. Maybe I will have time to finish all three of these projects over the next week.

Looking forward to my pal Laura's wedding this weekend!


The_Add_Knitter said...

Nothing like a guy friend to pretend to e-stalk you!

Jan said...

I'm not getting anything done either so I decided to see what other people are doing. Can't wait to see your socks!