27 November 2006

Helmet Liners and Yarn Diets

I'm so happy --- I have finished the "blue socks!" Finally, Blogger will let me attach photos!

This pattern was inspired by Knitty's fingerless glove pattern, Fetching --- using cables instead of ribbing at the top of the sock.

Now I am patiently waiting for the black yarn ordered for helmet liners. Until it arrives, I am working on my purple cardigan. This cardigan is the opposite of a quick knit. I really hope I like the finished garment.

I'm also going to try to reduce my stash --- Yarn Diet! No more yarn purchases until February --- I think I can do it!

Of course, Scout's S.W.A.G. Club and swaps don't count --- I am currently participating in Secret Pal 9 and Knitters Coffee Swap.

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