03 October 2006

Found the Pattern...I feel dumb!

Well, it seems I packed up the pattern with some books I was using for my Master Knitting Level I paper.

It was making me crazy --- I consider myself a pretty organized person and usually know where I put things.

With all those years of Catholic schooling, you would think I would remember which Saint would help me out if I sent a prayer...Ha-ha!

Here's a picture of my progress of my very first sock. The 90 degree heel looks hilarious to me - but, so far, it fits pretty well. I have another inch or two before attacking the toe.


Deborah said...

Don't lament. I drove 4 hours today to Princeton from northern NJ and forgot my wallet...

Deborah said...

.... I remembered my knitting though!

Terri D. said...

When all else fails:

St. Anthony, St. Anthony
Please come down...
Something is lost
That can't be found.

Works every time, and I ain't even Catholic.

Stephanie said...

That's the one!

I always get St. Anthony and St. Christopher confused.

Deborah needed St. Christopher today --- he's suppose to watch you when you travel!