01 January 2007

Knitting Resolutions for 2007

Holy Shit --- 2007 is here! I can't believe how short 2006 was...time flies when you're having fun, right?

Before I list my resolutions, I must tell you, that this is not something I normally do at the start of a year.

Here goes...

  • Reduce stash and only purchase yarn for specific projects Yes, this means I cannot purchase yarn because I might make something out of it someday. That might work for other people...me, I just end up with a lot of random skeins.
  • Inspired by Knitting for Peace (a great Christmas gift from Brooke), I will participate in 4 charity knitting organizations. I would like at least one to benefit people in the Chicagoland area --- time to do some research!
  • Complete Level I & II of the TKGA's Master Knitter Program I have been draggin my feet on blocking my Level I swatches and finishing the hat portion. I need to suck it up and submit it so I can give myself plenty of time for Level II.

These are all do-able. In one year, I hope to look back at this post and with a check mark next to each goal!


limedragon :-: Harriet said...

Luck! These are good goals. :) And I like your new blog layout, too.

Knittymama said...

I like the idea of only buying for specific projects. Sounds like what I should try.

Procrastiknitter said...

Wow, I'm going to steal 2 of your resolutions, I am going to Stashbust and then the charity knitting. I have lots of people to pay back for all the knitting they did for me! ((HUGS)). BTW, the socks looks great!

Midnight2sticks said...

Good luck with all that! I really, really want to see him live too-I will just have to stalk him on You Tube for the time being-hey I don't know if you have ever seen this:

I want to say I found this about a year & 1/2 ago-it was a radio show they did-all the archives are up on this UK radio site-used to be you can download it but looks like now it just streams but there are loads of shows-thats how I first got hooked-let me know if that links no good.